Checklist for preparing for a lesson, in fuzzy semi-chronological order. It takes 30 minutes for 1 person to do all these items.

Done? What?
. Coffee is brewing
. Hot water is boiling
. Vacuum cleaning robots are working
. Print lesson cards if needed
. A sofa is moved to the hallway
. Booklets table is placed [1]
. Movable lesson tables are placed [1]
. Booklets and lesson tables are clean
. Chairs are placed [1]
. Booklets and lesson cards are on the booklets table [2]
. Movable lesson tables have 1 extension cord and 2 power strips
. Lesson tables have pens
. All electricity cables on the floor are covered by a mat
. Toilets are clean
. Both toilets have two rolls of toiletpaper each
. Box with Nintendo is on the sofa below the TV
. Washing machine is ready for dirty dishes

[1] tables and chairs placement

[2] booklets and lesson cards placement

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